Briar Patch Caviary


Our adventure in cavies began in 1983 with two cavies for a 4-H project. We got a cavy each for mother and daughter: a golden agouti teddy for Penny and a tortoise shell & white crested for Laurel. That little project blossomed into what we are today.

At any given time the Briar Patch is home to 25 to 80 cavies. Many of our cavies can trace their lineage back to our original stock. New babies are born all the time, some of which are avaialble for sale. Periodically we also have one or two year old animals that are retiring from show life and are looking for good homes.


For your reference, here's a little info about the cavies we raise. Right now our breeding program consists exclusively of Teddies. Teddy cavies have short kinky hair that stands up. Their coat is supposed to be evenly dense and resilient.


Self colors

Selfs are your "basic" colors such as red, black, chocolate, cream, orange, beige, white and lilac. Usually we have blacks and reds although sometimes we have others. The picture to the right is of Ouzo.


Solid Ticked colors

Each hair on these animals has two self colors: a base color and a tip color. There should be no patches of color. The combination of red and black is called Golden Solid, White and Black is Silver Solid and other color combinations are considered Dilute Solid. Pictured to the left is Trader Vic.



The roan coloration consists of the intermingling of white hairs with other colored hairs. Common roan colors are blue roans (black and white hairs), strawberry roans (red and white hairs) and tri roans (two colors with white hairs). We commonly have all three plus roan variations on any of the other colors we raise. The picture to the right is Moose Drool.



This color is best described as being like a Doberman Pinscher or Rottweiler. They are mostly black, chocolate, blue, beige or lilac with red bellies, eye circles, pea spots, chins, and stray red hair on their sides and in their ears. The cavy to the left is Moyettes. More info on our tans can be found here.


By now you may have noticed a pattern in our cavy names. We pick names by themes: Selfs and Solids are usually named for liquors. Roans and Brindles are usually named for beers. Black and Tans have a Mexican theme. Sometimes there is crossover or intentional blending of themes such as Jose Cuervo, a tan out of solid lines.


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